Learn How To Confidently Make Offers That Profit

  • Learn no money down strategies
  • Find deals noone else knows about
  • Find contractors at great prices
  • Negotiate pricing & terms (Elaine made an extra $25k on 1 deal)

The 4th Annual






March 17 - 18, 2018

Saturday 9:00am - 5:30pm 

Saturday VIP / Coaching Student Dinner - 5:30 - 8:30pm

Sunday 9:00am - 4:30pm

Four Points Sheraton, 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT 06450

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Wondering How To Get The Real Deals In CT?

Hint: They're Not On The MLS

Have you ever wondered...

  •  What goes on behind the curtain of very lucrative and profitable 6-Figure Real Estate Businesses?

  • How a few real estate entrepreneurs make BIG money while so many good-hearted investors struggle from deal to deal?

  • About ALL of the STUFF-BEHIND-THE-SCENES(ALL of the Insider Secrets) that only the top names know (that charge $50k to talk about) and wouldn't unless you were on the "inside of the circle"?


Rehabbing On The Cheap

Rehabbing on the Cheap does NOT mean using poor quality products. It means paying so much less for materials that you can buy BETTER quality products and increase your profits. It means giving you an INCREDIBLE EDGE over your competitors.

• What's the REAL cost of materials ... HINT: Know which items have the biggest markup

• How to find reputable companies cheaper than you ever imagined

• How to guarantee you get the absolute best bargain.

• How to negotiate cheaper prices than your fellow rehabbers .... Even from the “Big Box” stores!


Where and How to Find/Create the Most Profitable Deals

While your competition is fighting over the same properties like dogs fighting for a bone, you will be creating your own very profitable transactions:

• Where should you invest ... where are the up-and-coming opportunities right here at home

• How to find those who want to sell ... but haven't told anyone yet ... no competition!

• How to make money without even owning the property!

• How to buy real estate using NONE or LITTLE of your own money•

• While your competition turns down a lead, you turn that same deal into gold!

• How to make money now, every month, and build wealth for generations to come!

How To Play "The Game"

• How to get over the fear of buying your first few deals

• How to completely eliminate all of the risk associated with buying real estate

• How to wholesale properties so you can pick up a check for $5,000 dollars to $20,000 in the    next 30 days

• How to evaluate a house in disrepair and figure a total repair cost—do it once the right way    and you never need to go back!

• How to interview and pre-screen contractors so you never get burned

• How to limit your liability when working with contractors

• How to organize and manage a project so you don't have to be on the jobsite 24 hours a day

• How to control your rehab costs and best deals on construction materials, so you never go    over budget

• How to rehab homes so they sell before you finish hammering the last nail

• Marketing strategies to find more buyers to get your properties sold at lightning speed

• How to build a business that will literally run itself

• How to use OFF-LINE and ON-LINE marketing to: Build your buyers list (HINT: Don't try to    wholesale without this!)

• Find off-market deals so you can buy without competition.

• Meet private lenders to fund your deals

Real Estate Negotiating

You will learn...

• How to "set the stage" before you open your mouth--don't blow it before you start!

• Understanding people's specific thinking patterns before you make an offer

• Where to sit (or not) when negotiating with a seller in his home

• Negotiating with real estate brokers--the rules are different

• 5 instant deal killers you must avoid!

• Specific situational negotiating with sellers, banks, tenants, or buyers• The price    objection--why it's not as big a deal as you think• Backed into a corner? Here's EXACTLY what    to do...

• How to use voice mail to pre-negotiate for you

• Body language--why most of what you say is what you DON'T say

• Handling objections--a formula that works every time!

• Negotiating on the phone--what to say and what NOT to say

Plus, you will hear actual negotiations performed during a role-playing. This will totally change your way of thinking and talking to sellers, buyers, and tenants. Instead of doing the old "um, uh" on the phone, you'll know exactly what to say when sellers, buyers, and tenants call. You will convert more prospective sellers, buyers, and tenants into deals, working harder smarter, instead of working harder.


Learn From Local CTREIA Investors In The Trenches 

Live Presentations about:

• Learn How a CTREIA member has been rehabbing and flipping with "none of her own money"

• Find out...how a first time Investor purchased his very first "No Money Down Deal" NO CASH AND NO     CREDIT!

• Learn how this couple rehabbed 20+ properties and how they negotiated with contractors and negotiated their fund raising!

• Learn how one member negotiated a Million dollar mountain top retreat for pennies on the dollar!

• Find out how this brand new investor,a mom of 2, purchased nearly $700,000 worth of real estate with 96% Owner Financing within 4 months of learning these strategies.

How To Set up Systems For Long Term Success 

Rehabbing is all about minimizing your risk and taking control of your future rehab projects! Do you perform your due diligence when you acquire a property? 

Check comps, get an inspection and appraisal, insurance and taxes? Of course you do! 

So why leave the rehab to chance?

FACT: The average single-family rehab deal using hard money costs the investor $2500 per month to carry the property... did you think going an extra month or two might not cost so much? The UGR will put that $5K back into your pocket where it belongs! Take the prayer out of rehabbing, and GET EDUCATED on how to take CONTROL of your projects!

Learn from a Contractor who will show you:

• How to find, select, pay, and negotiate with contractors!

• How to build a ROCK solid contractor agreement (FREE FOR ATTENDEES)

• Generating a crystal clear scope of work (FREE FOR ATTENDEES)

• Change orders – avoid getting dinged later (FREE FOR ATTENDEES)

• Punch lists to prevent your contractor from skipping before the last payment (FREE FOR ATTENDEES)

• Lien Waivers, the RE Investor's BEST FRIEND! (FREE FOR ATTENDEES

  • What work must have a BUILDING PERMIT


  • BUILDING CODE issues pertinent to the RE Investor

• General Construction Knowledge that ALL rehabbers should have!

• The new EPA Regulations on LEAD BASED PAINT!

• How to minimize your LIABILITY on ALL REMODEL PROJECTS!

• And Much Much More!

Have you ever noticed how the contractor relationship is about the only one where you, the CUSTOMER, has no leverage? Why is it that you're at their mercy? We will EMPOWER you to TAKE CONTROL of your rehab projects, from contractor selection to learning how and when to pay them so you maintain control! Also, We will included the documents you need to ensure  that you avoid claims for extra compensation by contractors, and eliminate paying twice for work because of Mechanics Liens!

Learn How To Fund Your Own Deals With IRA's

  •  Take control and not be limited to the investing your retirement in the stock market
  • Grow wealth tax-free in a Roth IRA
  • Protect your retirement from rising healthcare costs
  • Use your investment knowledge to pay for a child’s education tax-free
  • Contribute more than $5,500 to your retirement each year
  • Take advantage of tax-deferred benefits for self-employed small business owners
  • Cultivate tax-advantaged dollars while rebuilding communities
  • Create a legacy for future generations
  • Types of self-directed IRA investments allowable by the IRS
  • Real-life case studies of self-directed IRA investors
  • Answers to common questions about how the investment process works and what’s required

What Past Attendees Are Saying...

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March 17th-18th, 2017

9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Four Points Sheraton,

275 Research Parkway, Meriden CT


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Learned to prepare a scope of work. This was an awesome weekend for refocusing.

               Shirley Williams

Hey guys! This had to be one of thebest events you’ve done that we have seen and learned so much! I have to say thank you for all that you do! Real situations, real answers = success!

Mary and Mark Minotti,  

North Haven

I absolutely enjoyed this weekend seminar. Highly informative and eye opening. The coaches are very welcoming and approachable. I look forward to attending more meetings and learning from great experienced mentors.

Elizabeth Ruiz


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